• Tim Johnson

Mud Moon

Tonight’s full moon is called the Mud Moon on the Vineyard. The moon is in the constellation Virgo, not far from the constellation’s brightest star Spica. There are no planets to view in the evening sky which gives the moon even greater importance.

In other communities, the moon is called the Worm Moon. Worms are still dormant in this latitude. Mud is more familiar in March than worms, hence the name.


The brightest planet in the sky, Venus will be at its highest in the morning sky on Sunday morning. Venus is either an early morning planet in the East or a early evening planet in the West. This weekend, Venus is as far from the rising sun as it will get this season.

You’ll have no trouble finding it in the morning this month, high and regal with all its brilliance.

Sunrise and Sunset
Day Sunrise Sunset
Fri., March 18 6:49 6:51
Sat., March 19 6:47 6:52
Sun., March 20 6:45 6:53
Mon., March 21 6:43 6:54
Tues., March 22 6:42 6:55
Wed., March 23 6:40 6:56
Thurs., March 24 6:38 6:57
Fri., March 25 6:37 6:58

Temperatures and Precipitations
Day Max (Fº) Min (Fº) Inches
March 11 46 27 0.00
March 12 51 39 0.15
March 13 52 22 0.57
March 14 42 26 0.00
March 15 50 39 0.00
March 16 58 37 0.00
March 17 53 40 0.00


Water temperature in Edgartown harbor: 44º F


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