A 30-foot pole that went up in Menemsha to house security cameras on the west dock has been taken down while the town re-evaluates the project.

Selectman Warren Doty said Tuesday the decision to remove the pole followed a recent meeting he attended of the harbor advisory and parks and recreation committee.

At the meeting, held last week, the two committees voted to recommend that the project should be paused, Mr. Doty said.

“What’s remaining there today is the cement base and no tower,” he said. “The tower is easy to put up and take down . . . it was easy for the harbor master to not leave it just sticking up there, so it’s down on the ground now.”

The project, meant to deter theft and vandalism on the harbor, was approved by voters at the 2021 annual town meeting.

But after the pole went up several weeks ago, selectmen received a raft of complaints, calling it a visual eyesore. In a letter to the select board, 28 petitioners asked the board to reconsider the project.

Mr. Doty said the board will consider the next steps at its next meeting, scheduled for April 5.

“I don’t think we have a plan for how to proceed yet,” Mr. Doty said. “This is what we need to discuss and develop.”