The North Tisbury bridge, West Tisbury’s narrow pass over the Mill Brook, could soon be widened.

Planning board administrator Jane Rossi presented a new concept for the bridge to the select board Wednesday afternoon under the state’s complete streets funding program. The concept for the bridge includes bike paths and widened vehicle lanes.

The existing bridge is 24 feet wide, with lanes of about 10 feet. The new concept would expand car lanes to 12 feet and add five-foot bike lanes on either side.

“This would provide, certainly, breathing room for vehicles and pedestrians as well,” Ms. Rossi said.

She added the expansion aims to make the bridge a bit safer for runners, pedestrians and bikers to get across. The bridge is notorious for its narrow lanes.

Select board member Skip Manter said he runs across the bridge often, and would like to see it altered.

“Anything’s an improvement there,” he said. He added that many people already walk, bike and run across the bridge, speculating that expanding it wouldn’t attract more pedestrian traffic.

“The people are there now,” he said.

Ms. Rossi said other concepts for the bridge were considered including added partitions between the vehicle lanes and bike lanes, and a completely separate bridge for bikes and pedestrians. But she said plans for the bridge became unwieldy.

“It just seems to get wider and wider,” she said. She added the current concept for the bridge is one that will mitigate existing safety hazards, while anticipating the behavior of cyclists and pedestrians. A separate shared use bridge, she argued, could be ignored by pedestrians and cyclists.

“The benefit of this [plan] is it reflects the reality of what people will do,” she said.

Still, Mr. Manter argued the plan could use some work, stressing that a partition between shared use and car lanes is vital.

“There needs to be something there,” he said.

Also on the table for the North Tisbury bridge is a reduction of the speed limit from 35 to 30 mph. Planning for the bridge is ongoing, Ms. Rossi said. She added the current concept is only a draft. A site visit will be held with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation on April 5 to further the planning process for the bridge.

“Good luck in some adjustments, maybe, as you move forward,” Mr. Manter said.