At the Head of Mill Brook, Controversy Builds a New Dam

A plan by a prominent Vineyard conservation group to restore the Mill Brook headwaters in Chilmark has run into fierce opposition from a nearby resident who says it conflicts with decades of observation.

Residents Find Common Ground at Mill Brook Watershed Forum

A spirit of collaboration prevailed Monday evening at a forum that begins a yearlong study of the Mill Brook watershed. The 3,700-acre watershed includes the historic, much-discussed Mill Pond near the center of town.

Mill Brook Forums Begin

The Mill Brook watershed management planning committee will hold the first of several public forums on Monday, Sept. 29, at 5:30 p.m. at the West Tisbury library.

Then as Now, Stalking the Elusive Trout

When I was a young boy growing up in Chilmark, this was the time of year when my friends and I would spend most of our days fishing the brooks and ponds for native brook trout.

Pond Politics

I invite everyone to come hear Steve Hurley, southeast district fisheries manager for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, talk about the results of the fish sampling survey undertaken on Mill Brook in September 2012.

Learn About Mill Brook

Everyone is invited to a learning session about the Mill Brook at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 23 at the West Tisbury Public Safety Building.

True Spirit of Conservation

The Mill Brook is one of the Vineyard’s great natural treasures, with its clear, unpolluted waters that run from the glacial boulder-strewn terminal moraine of the North Shore to the sandy outwash plain that rims the Tisbury Great Pond on the south shore.

History, Modernity

Driving over the bridge between North Tisbury and West Tisbury village, I keep thinking of the olden days when all vehicles, whether gasoline or horse driven, simply forded Mill Brook. Those were the days! But we must travel fast and don’t have the time (and luxury?) of the old-fashioned pleasure of fording, to say nothing of the damage it would inflict on our low-slung modern cars.

Clear Weeds, Waters with State Funds

West Tisbury private landowners bordering Mill Brook may be eligible for a state program that offers to pay 75 per cent of costs associated with cleaning the environment on their property as water flows through on its way into Mill Pond.

Water Taking by Landscapers Spurs Concern in West Tisbury

West Tisbury selectmen want to clarify whether the town can restrict private companies taking water from public land.

Selectmen this week approved a request by conservation commission chairman Prudy Burt to ask town counsel Ronald H. Rappaport to review the town’s authority to regulate or prohibit water taking.

Ms. Burt said she had seen a dramatic increase in landscaping companies filling water tank trucks from the Mill Brook on Scotchman’s Bridge Lane.