The housing bank is the issue of this year. It is on all our annual town meeting warrants. The problem is not new and it is important to understand that this solution is just a part of a long process. The housing bank was preceded by various forms of affordable rentals and affordable housing lots and they were preceded by youth lots and we started on youth lots shortly after we started on zoning. The Island communities have been struggling with and working on the housing problem for a long time and while it is clear that every little bit has helped it is also clear that we are not doing anywhere near enough. The problem is growing much faster than our solutions.

The housing crisis affects us all and a 2 per cent tax on property transactions over $1 million is not going to solve the problem, however it is a good step in the right direction.

We need to add the housing bank to the growing list of ways we can help some of our young people afford to keep this Island their home.

Chris Murphy