Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

This is a letter of praise for Dr. David Samuels, who has been practicing at the airport for years, unbeknownst to many.

Dr. Samuels skillfully removed an infected tooth for an Islander with a medical emergency. A complicated heart surgery required clearance from a dentist. (Cardiac surgery can be endangered by dental infections which may move into the bloodstream.)

Four days before scheduled surgery, we went scrambling for someone who could address our concern. We got the run around from a few dentists who said a specialist was needed.

It was looking like the surgery that had been scheduled so far in advance would have to be postponed.

But through a seemingly random but very Vineyard chain of connections, (huge gratitude to the Datta family), we found Dr. Samuels on a Saturday, and he was able to take us right away.

Thank you, Dr. Samuels and your great office staff, for your unhesitating kindness and your willingness to solve our emergency, in true Island style.

Marcy Klapper

West Tisbury