No Artifical Turf

Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

The Oak Bluffs Democratic town committee would like to thank our Oak Bluffs planning board for their continuing scrutiny of the controversial MVRHS athletic fields proposal. We as residents of Oak Bluffs, actively concerned about the welfare of our fellow citizens and very much dependent on our public water supply, want to express our concern and opposition to anything which might threaten this resource.

We understand the need for improved athletic facilities at our high school. It is unfortunate that the existing facilities have not been better maintained. Athletics and outdoor activities are crucial to the health and development of our children. A new track is needed, and a more accessible and comfortable stadium is probably over due. Existing grass fields need to be restored and maybe added to, but only in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

An artificial turf field as proposed in this plan, located directly over our aquifer and in two different watersheds, one flowing to Lagoon Pond and the other into Sengekontacket Pond is too big a threat. Clean drinking water and healthy ponds are far more important to our children and our local economy than the supposed benefits of this artificial field.

Please do not approve this project with the artifical turf field as proposed.

Marie Doubleday

Oak Bluffs

The writer is chairman of the Oak Bluffs Democratic town committee.