The May wind grabbed at my thoughts and scattered them like a stack of papers in a stiff breeze, but thanks to email and a group of friends they helped me gather my strewn thoughts and compose them for you to enjoy.

The May wind whipped across the Menemsha parking lot like an industrial sandblaster. It amazed me just how many people pulled up and parked in the lot to view the surf. Maaco is going to be busy spraying new paint jobs..

The surprise party for Bill Smith’s sixty-fifth — held at the Chilmark Community Center last weekend — was a roaring success. I use roaring in a twofold manner. The party was a great surprise and filled Bill with an immeasurable amount of joy. It was filled with Bill’s motorcycle buddies whose bikes lined the driveway. So, quite literally, the party roared.

Kudos to his bride Kathy and daughters Samantha and Katy for creating such a warm and inviting atmosphere and to everyone else for keeping the secret and contributing such tasty treats. I’m sure Bill thought it would be just another day without any excitement or fun but, thanks to you, he ended up having a memorable birthday celebration.

Hugh Singer was in town from Alaska, the place he currently calls home. Claire Ganz, his lucky mom, had the opportunity to get a big bear hug and Hugh had the chance to soak up a little mom love perfectly timed for Mother’s Day. Hugh also checked in and doted on his grandparents Anne and Bob.

Andy Goldman celebrated his eighty-seventh birthday just a few days ago. He sat at the table and enjoyed a meal, surrounded by two nonagenarians, another octogenarian, four septuagenarians and two children in their fifties. Isn’t it wonderful when you can sit at a table and enjoy conversation with folks from all different stages in life? You always walk away having learned something.

Jan Buhrman and Caitlin Jones teamed up and taught a workshop under the umbrella of Climate Action Week at Mermaid Farm. The title was Finding a Place for Undesirables: Common Garden Weeds and Their Benefits. They discussed how nettles, wild garlic and more have a place in our gardens, lawns and on our plates. As they said, gardeners often struggle with plants that take over, spread aggressively, or grow unwelcomed as weeds, but their recipes offer a way to embrace these plants. Along with discussion of recipes there was an opportunity to visit with the fifty-plus lambs and thirteen baby cows who make their home at the lower end of Middle Road.

Every year the catbirds return to Basin Road. They clearly love and appreciate the entire neighborhood’s contributions towards enticing them to linger. The birds are fed by Barbara and John Armstrong, Scott McDowell, Annette Cingle and Jane Slater. Lucky birds. Happy people. Kathie Carroll also has catbirds at the top of the hill. Do you think they are the same as the Basin Road flock or are they a rivalrous gang?

Speaking of Scott, he has his first 2022 charter lined up for Saturday, May 14. The Lauren C will get underway in search of fish for dinner. Alongside the Lauren C is Jonathan Boyd’s Mary Sea, who is also prepped and ready for his first 2022 charter. When Scott isn’t on the water you can always find him at the Copperworks.

Rumor has it Cybele McCormick will have the doors open at Menemsha Deli this week. She makes a mean sandwich — just ask Brooks — so be sure to grab one for lunch and dinner. They are huge and they are filling.

Also getting ready to open is the Chilmark Tavern. Jenna Petersiel is looking forward to her thirteenth season, with Chef Andrew Burkill returning for his fifth. As always, I request onion rings. Her menu is up on the tavern’s website so be sure to check it out.

Federal waters, which have been closed to reduce spatial overlap between right whales and lobster gear, will reopen in just a few days, so lobstermen are busy getting ready along the waterfront. Well wishes for a good season go out to Captains Iacono, Larsen x 2, Stien, Jenkinson, McDonald, Walsh and more.

Please send along well wishes and positive vibes to Mim Scranton who is currently in a Connecticut rehab facility and hoping to heal quickly. May we see her and Mike at their North Road home soon.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never considered Friday the Thirteenth to be a harbinger of bad luck. However, if you are someone who is stricken with Paraskevidekatriaphobia, may the day go easy on you.