Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

It is high time that Edgartown goes full speed ahead on making major improvements. With the upcoming master plan process beginning, we are being given the opportunity to voice our suggestions about what needs immediate attention and what needs to be done within a year or two. We must not wait any longer. I have made my list.

Downtown Edgartown desperately needs public bathrooms. There is a facility at the downtown visitor center but if you are blocks away, the location is not convenient. A few years ago Peter Wells and I mentioned putting a facility near the Chappy Ferry, easily an area that takes you to beautiful scenery, the lighthouse, the whale’s tail, Jaws filming locations, the wharf — all places every tourist should see.

This suggestion is high on the list.

Picture driving into town on the Vineyard Haven Road. The line of traffic is taking forever. I have wished that a road crossing over to the Beach Road could be possible. If it could be done, traffic would most likely improve coming into town on both sides. Maybe yes, maybe no, but it is worth a try.

I am on the town beautification committee and number one on my list of places to beautify is the entire area around the north side of the Triangle. I dare say it would not take long to insist that this area get cleaned up. Many times, cars on the Vineyard Haven Road will cut through here to do errands or just to get to the Beach Road. Good luck getting through all the potholes and terrible road conditions. Perhaps if a new road was put down, there may even be room to include more parking.

In the parking lot at the foot of Main street, the lighting needs to be improved. There are places where the pavement needs work, and large puddles form. At night they are hard to see.

Ten years ago that I wrote a letter to the editor praising the fantastic Easter displays at the entrance of Donaroma’s. I then noticed that the small triangle coming into town had a small bush and dead grass. I joined the beautification committee and look what happened. Donaroma’s continues to create this beautiful triangle and the exquisite Welcome To Edgartown sign, carved by JP Uranker has just been refurbished. Beautifying even a very small area can make a big difference.

The next phase of the master plan meetings begin on Wednesday, June 15. Please contribute your suggestions, big or small and be a part of the future of Edgartown.

Thank you for caring about Edgartown.

Carol Chirgwin Fligor