In preparation for the Aquinnah zoning board of appeals’ first meeting in years, the town’s select board appointed two new members Tuesday, rounding out the five-member board.

“To my understanding, there hasn’t been a meeting of the zoning board of appeals in four years,” selectman Tom Murphy said.

The board will soon meet to discuss 5 Mariner’s View Lane, a property owned by Jeff Elghanayan that has been the subject of two cease and desist orders from the town after officials reported the construction of multiple buildings, hardscaping and extensive landscaping in violation of local and state wetland regulations.

Town Administrator Jeffrey Madison confirmed the zoning board will meet to discuss the property by phone Wednesday. A date and agenda for the meeting have not yet been posted.

The zoning board’s new members are Mike Diduik and Tim Collins, both attorneys. Neither candidate was present at the meeting, and select board member Juli Vanderhoop expressed concern that the board would be making a decision on the appointments without the input of existing zoning board members. But the pressing nature of an upcoming meeting of the board won out.

“I just want to put that out there … that we want to hear from the committee unless there’s a time constraint,” Ms. Vanderhoop said.

Mr. Madison said information about the meeting, and the topic of zoning board candidates, was readily available. He added that he attempted to contact zoning board chairman James Vercruysse before the meeting, but admitted he did not solicit input from the chairman.

“There’s plenty of lead there,” Mr. Madison said. “This was out there that this was going to happen.”

Ultimately, the board voted unanimously to approve the two candidates.

Also Tuesday, the select board and members of the town’s board of health approved James Benoit as the newest member of the board of health, after long-time member Sarah Saltonstall stepped down last month.

“He’ll do a good job,” Mr. Murphy said. “I wholeheartedly endorse the recommendation of the board of health.”