Editors, Vineyard Gazette

During the week of June 18, six teenagers from the Neighborhood First program in Philadelphia came to spend a week on Martha’s Vineyard. Their trip was sponsored by the MVBLM community, and facilitated by the generosity of several Islanders.

In addition to the financial donors, whose generosity has already been personally acknowledged, we wish to thank Polly Brown, first and foremost, who graciously welcomed them to her home for the week. The trip would not have been possible without her kindness.

Thanks also to Thomas Bena for turning us on to Nico and Adrian from Aloha Paddle, who provided an afternoon of stand-up paddling. A big thank-you as well to James Hale, owner of MV Shipyard for sparing, in the middle of a work day, two of his staff, Andy Jahnes and Lance Nelligan, for an afternoon of tubing in the lagoon.

And, to the Island community in general, who made these kids feel welcome here. One comment overheard was, “strangers on the street just say hello to you!”

Yeah, they do.

Eric Adams

Vineyard Haven

Robert Reardon


Dana Nunes