Editors, Vineyard Gazette;

My family and I are finishing up our annual vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. For 37 years we have been coming to this beautiful and spirit refreshing Island.

Last year I wrote a letter to the editor regarding trash and litter being left here and there, which we collect and properly dispose of. This year the award for the most littered beach goes to Menemsha. State Beach was in pretty good condition — no dirty diapers — much improved over last year.

South Beach was good as well. While at Menemsha, we collected plastic sandwich bags, cups, energy drink cans, napkins, food wrappers, bottle caps, pull tabs, stained women’s underwear and, according to my adult daughters, a used feminine product, which they didn’t pick up but dug a hole and buried in the sand a couple feet deep.

I just don’t get it. People are concerned about global warming, rising sea waters, carbon footprints, etc., but something like this, which is relatively easy to contain, doesn’t seem to receive much attention. In addition to the above, the amount of rude and inconsiderate people at the beach seems to be increasing every year. Drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking marijuana on a public beach at 11 a.m. is a little much. Blocking beach entrance and egress, throwing rocks in the water while people are swimming, blasting music. Not everyone likes Pearl Jam’s cover of Last Kiss.

I bet J. Frank Wilson is rolling over in his grave. Anyway, Lord willing we will be back for number 38 next year. Perhaps things will be better.

Mike Reynolds

Grand Blanc, Michigan