A welcome break in the heat just before the Fair! And many new visitors in the August gang.

I welcome Zach Zarba, his wife Christine and their two sons Jason and Jordan. These friends have arrived from Brooklyn to stay in Edgartown while they enjoy Illumination Night, the Ag Fair and the fireworks.

My son Chris Clark, daughter in law, Lilly, and their youngest son, Dominic, are here visiting their Island family, swimming, going to the Fair and making their annual pilgrimage to Bunch of Grapes. Oldest son Corbyn stayed home in Rockford. He has a new job and, yes, he drives now.

I think it was just perfect that the NBA has retired Bill Russell’s number six across the board of teams. What an honor for a great man.

Some of our Island kids out in America now are doing just great. Joha Van Osten has received a licensed social worker degree. Congratulations! Vanessa Williams has been made a partner at the law firm of Parker, Ibrahim and Berg. What great news.

Sad news reached me that cousin Barbara Gardella, wife of Richard Gardella and mother of their two sons, has died. Richard and Barbara are lovely people. I remember when they were both reporters for the Reporter Dispatch and I have always considered them role models. May she rest in peace.

Get well wishes to Melissa Abrams.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Katherine Poole on August 14. August 15 belongs to Carolyn Walters. August 17 is a party for Elaine Allen, Sarah Murphy and Jacquie Callahan. And on August 18, Nancy Applebaum, Sheryl Schrader, Melissa Dolby and AP Iacovello take the cake. Many happy returns. I’ll see you at the Fair.