Editors, Vineyard Gazette;

An open letter to Adam Epstein. I live on Lagoon Pond Road abutting the Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven. What a busy concert you put on this weekend. There was a steady stream of happy and kind people (except for the beer can, broken glass and cigarette butt left on my lawn) going up and down the street. I am glad so many people enjoyed your concert. I wish I had.

I never knew that rock n’ roll meant the glasses rattling in my cupboard from the high volume and pulsating vibration of the various artists. Three full days of this (we were lucky that Saturday was delayed) is torture. But guess what! This could be prevented. You could make the neighbors happy too! You can put up soundproofing panels along the perimeter! (Google: MBI weather resistant exterior acoustical panels). Other bigwigs of concerts do this to be respectful of the neighbors, especially because we are taxpayers and are already paying the overtime for the police and DPW your concert causes.

You had generously mentioned donating uniforms for sports teams; how about donating some windows for the Tisbury School or, heck, donate to a new gym and we can name it after you.

I hope you did well this year and can accommodate all the neighbors with soundproofing panels next year.

I look forward to a quieter future and being able to enjoy your concert like everyone else. Cheers.

Gretchen Snyder

Vineyard Haven