Editors, Vineyard Gazette;

There’s a church in Tisbury that needs a window restored. It’s a work of art: delicate, impressive, yet expensive. Fortunately, most of the funds have already been raised.

A Vineyarder who would like to donate — in any amount from $5 to $500 — is invited to visit the eastwindowtisbury.com site. The reward is to have your name listed in the memorial book held at the church.

St. John’s Church is more than 800 years old; it is where Thomas Mayhew was baptized before he sailed for the New World.

And, if you were to visit Tisbury, England to see the new east window at St. John’s, the local vicar will personally pour you a beer at the local pub, the Boot, or the nearby Blackdog Inn, a 15th century, dog-friendly pub located in Chilmark, England.

Thomas Dresser

Oak Bluffs