A sweeping redesign, complete with roundabout, for the North Bluff ferry dock and parking lot in Oak Bluffs got a green light Thursday from the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

In response to public testimony during the project’s MVC hearing last month, the project’s final design relocates taxi stands closer to the arrival area and moves tour bus parking to the opposite side of the lot from the dock.

“It makes some order out of the chaos that is down there now, and is going to be of great benefit to the town and to the Island,” commissioner Jim Vercruysse said.

Commissioner Kathy Newman had more measured praise.

“It’s not going to be a magical solution, but at least it will improve a bit,” she said.

Objections came from commissioners Clarence (Trip) Barnes and Ernest Thomas, who both said there should be more room for vehicles.

“As an Uber driver who’s been there hundreds of times, I don’t think this is going to work,” Mr. Thomas said. “I’m totally at a loss as to why this is an improvement. They’re taking away a lot of space.”

Mr. Barnes targeted the pedestrian-only plaza between the arrival dock and the passenger pick-up/drop-off area in the lot, saying the waiting area and planters take too much room away from cars.

“We’re giving up parking spaces that are really, really needed when those boats are in,” said Mr. Barnes, who otherwise approved of the redesign.

“This looks great on paper, and I think the rotary is a good thing,” he said.

Answering Mr. Barnes’s and Mr. Thomas’s objections, commissioner Doug Sederholm said the new design preserves nearly all of the parking that currently exists.

“The number of parking spaces is being reduced by one, from 65 to 64,” said Mr. Sederholm, who also noted that the pedestrian-only area will keep queuing passengers out of the parking lot.

“It is now a complete and utter mess down there in the summer, and this will create some order,” he said.

Commissioner Fred Hancock added that the scenic value of the plaza, which is designed with container plantings instead of trees in order to preserve waterfront views, will remain a benefit even when boats are not arriving and departing.

“Currently, what you have is a big ugly parking lot between ferries,” Mr. Hancock said. “I think [Oak Bluffs is] to be complimented for trying to do something about it.”

The commission approved the North Bluff project with only Mr. Thomas voting nay.

“I think it will make a wonderful gateway to Oak Bluffs,” commission chair Joan Malkin said following the roll call vote.

The commission’s scheduled deliberation and decision on the proposed expansion of Safe Harbor Marina in Vineyard Haven was postponed after Mr. Sederholm, the MVC’s hearing officer, asked for the written record to be reopened for another week. An email glitch had prevented the commission from receiving information from the marina until after the deadline had passed for written comments, even though the email was sent before the deadline, Mr. Sederholm said.

“It was not received before the record closed, although it was sent before,” Mr. Sederholm said. “The applicant, I think, submitted it in good faith.”

Commissioners agreed to reopen the written record until 5 p.m. Dec. 8, to allow comments on Safe Harbor’s response, which is posted with other documents on the commission’s website.

The commission also confirmed its written decisions approving a year-round workout and tennis building at the West Chop Club and the Meshacket Commons affordable housing development in Edgartown.

The next MVC meeting is set for Dec. 15 at 7 p.m., when the commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed Stone Bank restaurant in Vineyard Haven and discuss the Safe Harbors Marina documents and comments.