At a public meeting held online Wednesday afternoon, the Tisbury select board formally approved new language for liquor licenses, removing the longstanding requirement that alcohol must only be served with food.

After a lengthy legislative process that began with a town meeting vote more than two years ago, Tisbury restaurant patrons may now order a beer, cocktail, glass of wine or shot of hard liquor with nothing on the side.

The board's vote caps a more than decade-long campaign during which voters in 2009 changed Tisbury from a BYOB town to one where beer and wine could be served with food, and opened the menu to all alcohol in 2017.

“I think this is really well-timed, right before the holidays,” said former select board member Jeff Kristal, who championed the change during his time in office.

“Being a pro-business environment is something that we have been trying to achieve with this particular series of initiatives over the past 12 years,” Mr. Kristal said, thanking the current board.

—Louisa Hufstader