On March 23, advocates for the MV Housing Bank Act will travel to the Massachusetts State House in Boston to encourage legislators to vote for the MV Housing Bank Act and local option transfer fee legislation. Members of the Coalition to Create the MV Housing Bank plan to hold a rally outside the capitol, meet with key legislators and senior staffers and spread the message for fair and equitable housing.

Island-based supporters and coalition members will take the 7 a.m. ferry to Woods Hole and board charter buses to Boston. They will return to Woods Hole in time for the 5 p.m. boat. The Coalition will cover all transportation costs and provide food and T-shirts to everyone attending.

Those who are interested in participating should sign up at ccmvhb.org/marthagoestobeaconhill and contact the Coalition’s administrator, Noah Lipnick, at noah@ccmvhb.org with any questions or concerns.