Editors, Vineyard Gazette;

On March 14, Act Two Second Hand Store will have been open for one year. We raise funds through sales of donated goods from our generous and thoughtful community. We have already gifted more than $22,000 to four Island nonprofits to be used for specific theatre, music and arts projects, as well as built up a reserve fund (suggested for nonprofits to cover a few months of operating expenses in case of need), and paid back our start-up costs.

This means next year 100 per cent of residual income will go to community nonprofits on the Island. Reselling reduces waste at the landfills. We provide (we hope) a warm and welcoming year-round resource to serve shoppers, people in need and neighbors and visitors while raising funds for arts and education on Martha’s Vineyard.

We are really proud that our little shop, on a shoestring budget, with help from amazing staff and volunteers, and generous donations of goods, has accomplished this. It has been an absolute delight to see the business gain traction. The store changes daily according to donations, so we always say “It is a different store every day.”

We have some lovely folks who come in nearly every day to see what is new. We all love the experience of seeing someone find that unique treasure, perfect piece of furniture, picture, outfit or jewel. It is really a treat to help someone find their wedding suit or outfit for their vacation or event.

Sometimes we do pick-ups for folks in less than happy situations but we feel really good about turning it into a positive thing, knowing beloved objects will be given a new home in which to be treasured and appreciated. This is especially rewarding when the new home is a young person starting out, or anyone setting up a home or finding that special something. The whole staff gets really happy to see something go to someone who is sentimental or smitten with their find. There is a sort of magic in turning something potentially sad into joy. We are so impressed by the kind people who think of helping others while going through tough times.

It has been a real labor of love and a delight for all involved and we’re so thankful for the community support, staff and customers, many of whom we consider our dear friends.

As always, thanks for the support.

Alissa Keenan and Kevin Ryan

Vineyard Haven