Edgartown shellfishermen will have a bit more elbow room this spring.

Following a banner year for Island bay scallops, the town of Edgartown has opted to extend commercial bay scallop season in Cape Pogue an extra two weeks until April 14.

“We’re seeing the best bay scallop season we’ve seen in all my and the fishermen’s 25 years’ experience,” shellfish constable Rob Morrison told the select board on Monday.

The commercial season for bay scallop fishing typically begins November 1 and ends March 31. Earlier this year, bay scallop fishermen struggled to take advantage of the plentiful yield as scallop prices plunged to almost half their normal rate.

The additional two weeks, Mr. Morrison said, would allow fishermen to make the most of the bumper crop without compromising next year’s harvest.

“Most of the scallops harvested this season will die before next year’s season,” he explained.

Mr. Morrison also requested that the select board open Edgartown Great Pond to oyster fishing once more. The change was first introduced last year although very few people participated, Mr. Morrison said, with most fishermen remaining at the more popular Sengekontacket Pond. Oyster fishing in the Great Pond is limited to rake and pole fishing between September 1 and April 30. The oyster sanctuary at Slough Cove is also closed to shellfishing.

The select board approved both of Mr. Morrison’s requests unanimously.

“That’s great news,” select board member Mike Donaroma said of the bay scallop yield. “I haven’t heard that in many years.”

In other business, the select board approved the Federated Church’s request to hold an Easter Sunday sunrise service on Memorial Wharf April 9. The service will begin at 7 a.m. and will last approximately 30 minutes.

In previous years, the church has held its Easter Sunday sunrise service on the Mayhew Parsonage lawn, but with the property up for sale, the event has moved to the harbor.