Sengekontacket Back Open for Shellfishing After Rainfall

A state-mandated closure of Vineyard shellfishing areas has been lifted after heavy rainfall on Friday.

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Meeting about Massachusetts Shellfish Initiative

Stakeholders are invited to learn more about the Massachusetts Shellfish Initiative.

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Edgartown Introduces Non-Resident Senior Shellfish Licenses
Steve Myrick

Edgartown selectmen voted Monday to begin offering non-resident senior shellfish licenses at the price of $125.

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Study Bolsters Theory That Shellfish Remove Nitrogen from Ponds
Alex Elvin
As communities on the Island and across the region look to shellfish as a possible strategy to restore the health of coastal ponds, a study on the Cape provides numbers to back up their work.
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Sengekontacket Pond Closed to Shellfishing After Rainfall

Sengekontacket Pond has been closed to shellfishing because of rainfall received earlier this week.

The town of Oak Bluffs has advised that the pond will be closed until at least Monday, August 17.

The state mandates pond closures after heavy rainfall because of run-off from waterfowl and other sources. Red flags fly at both bridges on the pond when it is closed to shellfishing.


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Sengekontacket Closed for Shellfishing after Rainfall

Sengekontacket Pond will be closed to shellfishing over the holiday weekend because of rainfall on July 1.

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October Rainfall Leads to Sengekontacket Closure

Sengekontacket Pond is closed to shellfishing for five days because of heavy rainfall received Oct. 1.

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Sengekontacket Closed for Shellfishing
Sengekontacket Pond remains closed for shellfishing because of rainfall.
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Shellfish Growers Come Out of Cold for Warm-Water Problem: Vibrio
Sara Brown
Oyster farmers want to avoid another bacteria outbreak like the one that forced a temporary shutdown of their business late last summer. State officials are listening.
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Bass and Bivalves
Mark Alan Lovewell

The best treat available in the local fish market, and in the restaurants, is something you haven’t eaten in a while — black sea bass, another Vineyard waterfront success story.

We haven’t had the option of buying black sea bass in local fish markets during the summer for at least a half dozen years, if not more. If you have an aversion to oily tasting fish like bluefish, this is your kind of fish. Black sea bass is a white delicate flaky fish that is perfect any way it is cooked.

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