The West Tisbury select board voted to approve opening dates for shellfishing season at a meeting on Tuesday.

Recreational oyster season will begin on Nov. 1 with a half bushel limit, while the commercial season begins on Nov. 14 with a limit of 800 pieces (individual oysters) per day for three days a week.

Votes to approve the dates passed unanimously.

In other business, a planned appointment of Ted Jochsberger to the town diversity committee was postponed by the board, following a descision to advertise the opening beforehand. They also postponed an appointment of Kate Warner as the West Tisbury rep to the MVC Eversource working group for the same reason, though the board did name her as interim representative. They also recommended board member Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter to be appointed as town rep to the MVHRS building committee.

Town officials estimated that they have $1,189,798 in free cash, a larger balance than usual, they said. Town administrator Jen Rand speculated that the increase might be due to the tax on short-term rentals.

The board also endorsed a request the town tree committee is making to the community preservation committee. The request seeks to appropriate $19,000 to plant trees in the town’s historic district.

Thomas Humphrey