A little over a month ago, 250 Vineyarders traveled to the Massachusetts State House to fight for fair housing and encourage our legislators to vote for the Housing Bank. The trip was a huge success thanks to you, members of our community who joined us in Boston, and our fellow Islanders who were unable to attend but were with us in spirit.

Why did we mobilize and show up at the state capitol? Because we believe that our educators, students, nurses, fishers, tradespeople, first responders, small business owners and so many other vital members of our community deserve a roof over their heads and a place to call home. After all, they are the backbone of this Island and have sacrificed so much to make our community what it is.

We must continue to press for change not just at the state level but locally as well. We need to work closely with members of our select boards, planning boards and town committees to come up with creative solutions for our ever-growing housing crisis. We also need to educate our family members, friends and colleagues about the importance of our mission.

This process takes time. It’s not easy. But with your support, we will get this done. Thank you again for everything you do to bring about real and lasting change.

Arielle Faria and Juliette Fay

The writers are co-chairs of the Coalition to Create the MV Housing Bank.