What do a high school mariachi band, regenerative farming and Cirque du Soleil have in common? They are all subjects featured in Martha’s Vineyard Film Society’s Documentary Week festival running from July 31 to August 4.

“There is no particular focus or theme,” said Richard Paradise, founder and executive director of the film society. “I try to present eye-opening, interesting films that will hopefully capture the imaginations of our audiences here on the Vineyard in the summer.”

Many of the films have Vineyard connections. Common Ground tells the story of the pioneers of the “regenerative movement” who are working to heal the earth, produce nutritious food and balance the climate. After the film Noli Taylor, senior program director at Island Grown Initiative (IGI), and Andrew Woodruff, owner of Whippoorwill Farm in West Tisbury and regenerative farming consultant for IGI, will lead a discussion about the power of regenerative farming systems.

Going Varsity brings audience members to South Texas, where a high school mariachi band prepares for competition. The film’s producer, Julia Pontecorvo, is a summer Island resident.

“This film really shows a different side of the Texas-Mexico border and the shared culture between both places,” Mr. Paradise said. “When most people think about that border, they think of immigration and illegal immigrants and migration. But there’s such a rich culture in the Texas borderland, and this really shows a part of that culture.”

The Power of Stone showcases Island stone artist Lew French, whose work is recognizable in granite walls and homes around the Island. The film focuses on Mr. French’s process of creating the Rose Styron Garden for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. The film’s directors, Barbarella and David Fokos, are Chilmark residents. Mr. Paradise said interest in the film was so high that the screening is already sold out.

After the screening of Little Richard: I Am Everything on August 3, Henry Louis (Skip) Gates Jr. will join director Lisa Cortés for a conversation.

“Lisa calls Skip Gates her mentor,” Mr. Paradise said.

Cirque du Soleil: Without a Net completes the festival on August 4, with director and Island resident Dawn Porter leading a discussion following the screening.

Mr. Paradise said that although he shows documentaries all year long at the film center, Documentary Week provides him a rare opportunity.

“This week allows me to shine a sole focus on documentaries, which have become such an important fabric of the filmmaking community,” he said. “Documentaries have filled a gap left by cable and broadcast news over the last 10 or 15 years to provide investigative and deep-dive stories.”

“This is definitely not something you get at the multiplex,” he continued.

For tickets and more information, visit mvfilmsociety.com.