A man wanted for two armed robberies in Texas was arrested Monday morning in an Oak Bluffs home.

Police arrested Brian Covington, 29, around 10 a.m. at a house on Pequot avenue, according to state police.

Mr. Covington and another person who hasn’t been identified, are accused of robbing an apartment in San Marcos, Tex. at gunpoint in February. They allegedly stole an estimated 60 pairs of luxury brand shoes, cell phones, high-end jewelry and a PlayStation 5.

Footage of the robbers was caught on the apartment’s doorbell security camera and sent to the San Marcos police department.

Shortly after the apartment robbery, the two were reportedly seen committing a second armed robbery outside a nightclub and firing a shot in a neighboring community.

Police believe Mr. Covington fled Texas and traveled to Florida and New York City before reaching the Vineyard.

On Monday, state police and Oak Bluffs police detectives surveying Pequot avenue spotted Mr. Covington walking toward a rooming house. When they approached him, he ran into the house, where he is believed to have been living, and up a staircase. He was then arrested without incident.

He was being held without bail at Duke County Jail pending transportation back to Texas.

The Oaks Bluffs police department did not respond immediately for further comment.