West Tisbury’s representative on the Dukes County Commission will resign this week after he moved to a different town. 

James Klingensmith will step down Tuesday following his planned move to Oak Bluffs. The normally seven-member commission oversees the county government and is expected to talk about the vacancy at its meeting Wednesday, said Martina Thornton, the county manager. 

Each commissioner is elected at large in countywide elections, but no town can have more than two members and Oak Bluffs already has two commission members — chair Christine Todd and Peter Wharton. 

Mr. Klingensmith, elected in 2022, raised the issue in February while planning to move from the up-Island town. 

“I was voted in West Tisbury so I believe I’m going to have to resign,” he told the commission at the time.  

Ms. Thornton said the commission does have the ability to appoint a member to serve out the rest of Mr. Klingensmith’s term.