I am not shy about expressing my displeasure when the SSA does not perform well. I also do not want to miss an opportunity to express my pleasure when something goes well.

On Monday, March 25 I was leaving from Woods Hole on the 5 p.m. boat that was delayed until 6:15 p.m. due to a problem in Vineyard Haven. The weather was extremely windy with gust up to 45 mph. The ride over was fairly smooth. When we approached Vineyard Haven the captain began the 180-degree turn to back into the slip. The wind was blowing straight across the slip and the boat came fairly close to hitting the dock broadside.

The captain abandoned the docking attempt and headed back out past the breakwater. Several of the passengers were wondering if we were headed back to Woods Hole. The captain then headed back into the Vineyard Haven harbor did another 180 maneuver and slid the boat into the slip so that I was not even aware we were docked until I heard the engines shut down.

It was a great demonstration of excellent seamanship in my opinion. Well done.

Bob Rosenbaum