I have yet to resist the temptation to wear long underwear. It’s chilly every morning but by mid-day I’m pretty miserable. What’s wrong with me? Am I complaining about the afternoon warmth and sunshine?

There is much news from the vegetable garden. I finally got the main potato crop planted. This year I ordered from Pine Tree Gardens. For the past several years I used Maine Potato Lady. But this year she sold out of some of my favorite varieties early.

I ordered a few pounds each of Yukon Gold, Kenka Gold, Red, Pontiac, Kennebec and Russet Burbank. The latter is the most widely grown potato in America and an extremely long keeper. When they arrived I cut the larger ones to include at least one “eye.” Then I let the cut sides dry and form a crust for a week or so on newspaper. Last week we ate the end of last fall’s harvest. Life is grand.

I picked a large handful of asparagus — this was after I found it. It was hidden by the untended debris of last year’s crop and winter death. It did not matter as the spears were doing their job. This was a patch I grew from seed a few years ago. Since it’s a new planting I will only pick it for a few weeks.

When I moved into my home almost 50 years ago it was a rental. No matter, I planted asparagus and grapes with no hope of being here to enjoy them. I figured if I put in some long lasting crops in a temporary location perhaps someone would do it for my future abode. I’m still here and eating 50-year-old grapes and asparagus.

I’ve stepped up my watering duties. The yet-to-be-planted flats are bone dry after a warm day. How I wish I could blame someone else for my lifestyle choices. I have way too much to do and the age-related ability to do it. Hopefully, one can soldier on.

This is the week for ornamentals. Lilacs are in full and glorious bloom. I’m especially fond of the dark purple ones. There is a large stand of them on the Vineyard Haven-Edgartown Road across from the telephone company and/or Winyah Lane. I imagine they were planted by the folks who lived there. She was a woman known for very rosy cheeks and he had a cow that he walked across the street every day to a narrow pasture. The gate had a sign that read: No Standard Times photos. Apparently a Cape Cod news reporters snapped a photo of him and the cow at some point and it irritated him. How much do I love that story!

White lilacs are, in my opinion, the most fragrant. Speaking of fragrant, I have a large viburnum x carlcephalum, commonly know as fragrant snowball. It is very tall, at least 20 feet, so its smell drifts into an upstairs bedroom window. I never see them in the nurseries, so I suppose a special order is necessary.

Another sweet little May bulb blooming right now is Star of Bethlehem. It spreads like crazy and follows after the crocuses and daffodils. I wish I could remember where I got mine years ago, but my memory bank seems to have had too many withdrawals.

I make smoothies often. It is a quick way to load up on fruits and vegetables. I use tons of raw kale as a base and some frozen fruit. One favorite is tart cherries.

Of late I’ve been using a few pickled beets from last summer — pickled with apple cider vinegar and honey. Sounds weird but it is yummy.

I have a dry area under a second floor deck where I store wood. There are some cloth bags hanging which I use to cart inside the aforementioned wood. I’ve been watching for a few days the working of a little bird who is building an elaborate nest in one of the bags. The death of my elderly barn cat should assure the success of the not-yet-laid clutch.

Trump and his Maga followers are right about one thing. We really do have a two-tiered justice system. The only thing they have wrong is who is on the top tier. A $1,000 fine for violating a gag order would get most folks to stop talking. I don’t know why I bother giving my attention to any of it. He will never have to be held accountable regardless of faults.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life disappointing Jesus so I’ll confess some fiendish delight watching him spend long hours in a courtroom regardless of the outcome. I think the popular term is schadenfreude.