• Ray Ewing

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday's full moon, the Honey Moon, will continue to dominate our evening skies through this weekend. The moon is brilliant. There are no planets in our evening sky and thus the Moon is the commander and chief. The moon moves through the southern most zodiacal constellations Sagittarius this weekend, thus it remains low in our southern skies.

Use these evenings to familiarize yourself with the stars of summer coming quickly.

Vega is that brilliant star rising in the eastern sky. We've received a number of comments from friends about this star, the main star in the small constellation Lyra. Some have thought it was a planet. As summer gets closer Vega will take its seat high in the eastern sky, even near the zenith in August.

Speaking of zenith. If you go out an hour or so after sunset you'll see a bright orange star near the zenith. There is no missing Arcturus, a bright orange star, the brightest star in the constellation Bootes, the shephard. Arcturus is hard to miss. If you can find the Big Dipper in the north you'll notice that the handle of the dipper points to Arcturus.

The Big Dipper is overhead and north of our zenith.

Sunrise and Sunset
Day Sunrise Sunset
Fri., May 24 5:14 8:02
Sat., May 25 5:13 8:03
Sun., May 26 5:13 8:04
Mon., May 27 5:12 8:05
Tues., May 28 5:11 8:06
Wed., May 29 5:11 8:06
Thurs., May 30 5:10 8:07
Fri., May 31 5:10 8:08
Temperatures and Precipitations
Day Max (Fº) Min (Fº) Inches
May 17 59 54 0.10
May 18 66 52 0.19
May 19 55 50 0.04
May 20 56 50 T
May 21 60 44 T
May 22 67 53 0.00
May 23 71 55 0.00
Water temperature in Edgartown harbor: 62º F


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