The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks are off to a rocky start this summer season, firing new head coach Sean Stevens on June 6, after just two games. The team is currently 1-7, notching their first win on Saturday night against the Mystic Schooners.

Former pitching coach Ryan Miller has been elevated to head coach, with former Sharks player and coach Colin Shapiro joining Cape League veteran Danny Crossen as assistant coaches.

Mr. Stevens was a new hire for 2024, Sharks general manager Russ Curran told the Gazette. It was quickly clear he was not a good fit, Mr. Curran added.

“We have a system here that’s been working for us since I got here and he was relayed the information on what our system was,” Mr. Curran said.

Part of the problem was overworking the team, Mr. Curran said, along with creating a bad environment in general.

“I believe we would have lost players and our assistant coaches if we didn’t make the move,” Mr. Curran said.

Mr. Curran said the losing record was not the reason for firing Mr. Stevens.

“We could have been undefeated and he was going. I wasn’t keeping him around,” he said.

The Sharks baseball team was founded in 2011, with Mr. Curran coming on as general manager in 2016. He said he holds himself accountable for not properly vetting Mr. Stevens’ resume. Coaches often bounce between teams between summer seasons, Mr. Curran said, but he should have more closely followed up after Mr. Stevens’ short stints with other teams.

Mr. Curran said he feels confident in the current coaching lineup.

Mr. Stevens was not immediately available for comment.