Margaret Wight Berry, born in Plainfield, N.J., on June 28, 1920 to Gladys Savage and Andrew J. Wight, died at The Henrietta Brewer House on Sept. 4.

She was surrounded by her husband, Robert Lawrence Berry; her daughters Lucy Berry Ackemann and Meg Berry Moscati; her sons Andy, Jon and Jeff; her grandson, Eric Shaler Berry; and her dear friend Cheryl Best. She will be remembered by all who knew her as a lady of style and elegance with a wonderful sense of humor and quick wit.

Peggy had six children, 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren (with one more due momentarily). She was predeceased by her son, Robert Jr., the father of Eric. Her sister, Patricia McMillan, lives in St. Louis, Mo.

Bob and Peggy first met in dancing school when she was 15, and were married in Winnetka, Ill., in 1943. While Bob was at sea in the Pacific as an officer during World War II, Peggy lived at the Berry house on Seven Gates Farm with her sister in law, Lily Smith. She often told her children later of sewing blackout curtains for the house so that German submarines were not able to see lights on the north shore as they patrolled Vineyard Sound.

She attended Smith College and the Parsons School of Design, and loved to draw, sculpt, paint and needlepoint. With many moves associated with her husband’s career, she also learned to be an excellent decorator and was one of the founders of Trio, a Vineyard interior design consulting business.

Peggy and Bob lived year-round on the Vineyard since 1982, leaving New Canaan, Conn., to settle ultimately in the place of their dreams on Eel Pond in Edgartown. Active members of St. Andrews Church over the years, they were grateful to the Rev. Bob Edmunds and the parish for their support and comfort as Peggy bravely endured the effects of Alzheimer’s disease with grace and dignity.

Peggy loved her large family, especially those newborns, and would playfully admonish the group not to say anything important in her absence while she prepared typically huge and wonderful meals for many. Her children remember well the Broadway show tunes she would sing softly and the lovely melodies she would hum while cooking for those she loved. Her children and their friends would often gather in the kitchen and enjoy her motherly advice and humor. She was a wonderful and inspiring Mom for many over the years.

Peggy also loved to be outdoors and spent hours listening to her beloved birds that she could identify instantly by their song. One of her favorite memories was a visit by Roger Tory Peterson, who sat with her outside the home on Eel Pond, both marveling in the richness of the Vineyard’s avian population. She also loved her walks in Sheriff’s Meadow, often accompanying Henry Beetle Hough and his collies as they walked around the pond.

You might have seen Peggy and Bob walking on the beach early in the morning, she stooping down to gather a treasure for the beachcombing bowl, and he skipping rocks off the shore. They were so much in love and so devoted to those they loved.

To reflect Peggy Berry’s devotion to her caregivers and to preserving the natural beauty of the Vineyard, donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Martha’s Vineyard Hospice, the Vineyard Conservation Society or the Sheriff’s Meadow Association.

A memorial service will be held for Peggy on Saturday, Nov. 24 at 1 p.m. at St. Andrews Church in Edgartown when all of her family will be present.