On Sunday July 17, a memorial service will be held honoring the life and contributions that Lillian Kellman made to the Island and its many cultural organizations. For four years she had a program on WMVY telling wonderful literary stories enlarging and stimulating the imagination of all who looked forward to each Sunday’s broadcast. She then decided to do the same for the children, and for more than 20 years was the regular weekly storyteller in the Chilmark School. Her influence in raising the curiosity of students and their imaginations was enormous. Every Thanksgiving she told the story Stone Soup, which quickly became a tradition, with many high school students returning to hear. She also wove her magic in the Oak Bluffs school as well.

Among other things, she spent five years on the board of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society, and lead reading groups. Prior to moving to the Island in 1980 she was a children’s librarian in the Locust Valley schools.

She died in January of this year.

All are invited to join and celebrate her life. The service begins at noon at the Chilmark Community Center.