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Peter D. Crabtree, 63

Peter D. Crabtree of Manchester-by-the-Sea died suddenly on March 1 after a short illness.

Claire Richardson Bennett, 94

Claire Richardson Bennett, a pioneering female landscape architect, died March 13 at her home in Carmel, Ind.

Joel Christopher Rebello, 33

Joel Christopher Rebello of Oak Bluffs died unexpectedly of heart disease on March 18.

Nelly Katzman, 24

Nelly Katzman died on March 9.

Edith Graham Blake, 97

Edith Graham Blake, photographer, writer, tennis and croquet player, sailor, conservationist, animal lover and devoted Edgartonian died Feb. 25.

Jane W. Zimmerman, 83

Jane W. Zimmerman, an Edgartown summer resident since 1986, died on March 2.

Dr. Clifton Forrest West Jr., 99

Dr. Clifton Forrest West Jr. of Chestertown, Md. died peacefully in his sleep on Feb. 28.

John Stobart, 93

John Stobart, one of the world's most renowned maritime artists, died on March 2.

Patricia G. Rogers, 92

Patricia G. Rogers died peacefully at home on Jan. 28.