First boat to the mainland, still under dark skies. Timothy Johnson

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Columbus Day weekend may lack the pomp and circumstance of July Fourth, Christmas and other more showy celebrations, but the importance of this holiday lies in its timing. This is a holiday that simply defines one of those glorious moments in the Island year, a time of noble autumn days and cool nights. This is the last, long holiday weekend before the season turns toward Thanksgiving and the chill side of a waning year.

The holiday weekend also becomes a time to journey into the countryside to discover the true quality of the Vineyard — canopied trails in autumn woodlands, a windswept beach, the golden colors of old meadows and salt marshes, the stonewalls that form the boundaries of the rural reaches up-Island.

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Val Bates , Andalusia, Spain
I have travelled to the Vineyard at different times of the year and I have to say that in any season it's glorious. It fills my heart and soul with such joy I can hardly keep from singing. It's the place where my spirit soars. Eternally thankful to have discovered it for myself 24 years ago.
October 8, 2017 - 7:11am
Mark O'Keefe, Edgartown, MA/Pelham, NY
It is during this very special and quiet time that the island begins to rest up for the another year in golden and scarlet hues yet also to unveil her varied, hidden secrets and charms that further endear Martha's Vineyard to those that will forever cherish her.
October 8, 2017 - 7:35am
Bob Schmetterer, Chappaquonsett
Beautifully thought ... beautifully written ... Thank you for reminding us of what is so special ...
October 9, 2017 - 4:29pm
Susanne Cronin, New York
My favorite time on the island, just before she gets to restore from the lazy, hazy, daze of summertime
October 10, 2017 - 9:11am
Diane, NJ (but 3x a year visiting in MVY)
I was just there for two weeks at end of August, but will be returning for 5 days @ 10/25. Can't wait !
October 10, 2017 - 9:47am


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