Decorating the streets of Edgartown for the holiday season. Tim Johnson

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Just when it seems that all is dreary — the leaves are all down, the sky is unremittingly leaden, and you have a case of the sniffles — along comes the most colorful, cheerful and generally jolly time of the year.

So don't be glum at the fallen leaves, the pale and reluctant sun, the need to wear a heavier coat. All things come in their time, and this is the time of holiday revelry and reflection, when the Vineyard community is alone with itself and capable of its very best. Seize the season.

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Bob DiCarlo, Vineyard Haven
Love this time of the year on the Vineyard. Here are a few of my thoughts. Enjoy: HALLMARK’S MONTH It’s December No traffic Except for Five Corners When the boat arrives Friendly Fishing Village Reminiscent of A Hallmark Story Card Walk into the Tavern Greeted with a smile Sit around With pleasant conversation Never out of style No one rushing No long - Summer Line Like - Back Door Donuts Everyone does casual Pace of - Island Time Seated at your table What’ll be your pleasure We’ll plate it Serve it - Steaming Hot Decorations and music Always - Hits the spot Feel the Spirit Feel it in the air St. Nicholas - And Rudolph Make their entrance Land their Sleigh Gently - Along the pier Comes down the chimney Giving a gift - That matters Let’s you know Everyone Cares Bob DiCarlo
December 7, 2023 - 8:27pm


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