Umbrellas bring colorful touch to Eastville Beach. Tim Johnson

Sunday, August 14, 2022

There's heat and then there's infernal heat, the latter encompassing humidity of tropical proportions. The Island has had weeks of infernal heat, an unusually long stretch. The lines of vehicles at Island beaches testify to the universal nature of that solution.

But hark! This week saw the weather turn in classic New England fashion. Delighted smiles magically appeared on scores of faces. Fans have been turned off, light blankets returned to beds, and a bike ride or a run seems a pleasure, not merely a grim act of will.

The next trick we expect from the gods of the climate is a wedding of styles, hot sunny days without oppressive humidity, cooler evenings and, in short, the approximation of summer perfection. Whatever comes, however, we may be sure of one immutable law — we'll all be talking about it.


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