Flower Artist Lets Mother Nature Do the Talking

Anyone who has driven down Look street in Vineyard Haven on a summer’s day has seen Peggy Turner Zablotny’s small garden, alive with color. It is also Ms. Zablotny’s palette.

Diving in to Pastel Painting, Where Even Snow Has Color

Anna (Lowely) Finnerty has been a serious pastel artist for nearly four years now. A selection of her off-season, off-Island paintings is on display at the West Tisbury library until the end of the month.

The Art of Paper Has Many Layers

While attending the Savannah College of Art and Design Taylor Stone began to focus on paper as a medium for her art.

Garden of Years Tracks Growth of an Artist

As she neared 40, Kara Taylor decided to document her 40 years with 40 flowers. The exhibit, 40 Flowers, opens with a reception on Sunday, July 24, at 5 p.m. at the Kara Taylor Gallery in Chilmark.

Doug Kent Benefit Reception Is Artful Tribute

Hundreds of friends, neighbors,and art enthusiasts turned out Friday evening at the Chilmark community center for a benefit reception featuring the work of Douglas Kent.

In Life and Art, Going With the Flow Feeds the Creative Soul

West Tisbury painter Doug Kent has taken his work in a new direction. It is larger, more colorful, more abstract.

Andrew Moore, Carving a Life Out of Paint and Passion

On Sunday, Andrew Moore’s paintings were reintroduced at the Granary Gallery on Old County Road in West Tisbury. The artist decided to join the Granary Gallery so he could spend less time marketing and selling, and more time holding a paintbrush.

Art and the Island Are Alessandra Petlin's Secret of Success

Photographer Alessandra Petlin has spent 40 consecutive summers on Martha’s Vineyard at her family’s home on Wayside Farm in Chilmark. But this summer marks a first for the artist. She momentarily stepped out of her Vineyard routine Saturday night to celebrate her first gallery opening, ever.

For Painter Terry Crimmen Color Leads and Form Follows

Terry Crimmen has painted many traditional Martha’s Vineyard sites, such as landscapes and seascapes, boats and bathers. And for a time, he was really into cows.

What You See Can Be What You Wear in World of Tommy May

Tommy May likes to wear his art on his sleeve. Literally. And your sleeves too. In addition to using traditional canvases, Mr. May paints his designs on wearable clothing — pants, jackets, shirts, shoes, whatever he can find in a thrift store or what a potential customer brings to him for a one of a kind fashion statement.