Putting the Pieces Together
Whatever the Outcome is both an end result and a process. It’s the art of creation as much as the finished product. Craig Minor is listed as the chief instigator of this movement on the Island.
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Film Center Call for Artists
The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center opens its lobby to display Island artists’ work again in 2015.
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Learning to Fly on Wings of His Vineyard Mentors
David Crisanti
Islander and artist Tim Laursen has his workshop in a former ball bearing factory at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. His most recent piece, a kinetic sculpture that can be powered by solar or a hand crank to create the flying motion of a large metal bird, will have a permanent home on the Vineyard.
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Exhibit Honors the Hard Words of War
Remy Tumin
Cindy Kane has collected mementos and notes from foreign correspondents sent to cover embattled areas and covered old metal Viet Nam era war helmets with the artifacts. The exhibit premiered in 2008, but a show that just premiered at the Flatiron Building in New York city has given it new life.
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Daily Sketches Become Body of Work
Bill Eville
At the start of the year in January 2012, Heather Goff made a resolution of sorts. She vowed to do a drawing each day and post the result on the internet.
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Celebrating Art as the Moore Family Business
Alex Elvin

During a conversation Thursday at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, Andrew Moore reflected on his art career as part of a legacy that spans generations. The museum is featuring his work along with art by his daughter, Hannah, and his great-great-grandfather N.A. Moore.

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Artist Ray Ellis Captured Derby's Essence in Paintings to Be Shared
Ivy Ashe

For 25 years it was an anticipated event — the arrival of the limited-edition prints depicting classic Vineyard fishing scenes as rendered by artist Ray Ellis.

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Early Bird Catches Worm; Early Photographers Catch All
Connie Berry

What began as two amateur photographers taking pictures every morning on their paper routes has grown to something much bigger than either of them could have imagined.

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Hooked by Art, Fisherman Combines His Passions
Alison L. Mead
Fisherman and chef Abe Pieciak turned to art last year by creating a series of watercolors he calls Lure Fish. This year he is donating a print for every single day of the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.
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Capturing the Serenity Beneath the Wild
Xenia Rakovshik

Quiet, dignified, powerful, with long lashes depicted in all their delicate detail. A horse from Sable Island comes to life in your dining room.

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