Two Artists' Paths Converge, Merging Friendship and Craft
Olivia Hull

Artists and friends Doris Lubell and Ilka List decided to show their work together in a visual arts show at the A Gallery. Deep Diving: Paintings, Drawing and Sculpture, will hang from July 5 through July 17.

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Growing Creatively by Living a Life Dedicated to Discovery
Connie Berry

Ruth Epstein will turn 89 in a matter of days and she has spent the better part of her life creating works of art.

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Artist Brings Outside Beauty Inside Chilmark Library
Alison L. Mead

On Saturday afternoon, the Chilmark Library hosted an exhibit of Phyllis Dunn’s photographs.

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Tracing Winter’s Shadows Through New Media Art
Connie Berry

In November of 2013 new media artist Graham Smith began an experiment. He created art using custom software, the internet, local webcams and his smartphone.

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Age of Imagination Knows No Boundaries
Ivy Ashe

The renowned Vineyard painter Allen Whiting set up his easel Saturday at Featherstone Center for the Arts alongside 12 youngters, aged three to 10.

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Printing and Sharing the Metaphors of Her Life
Sydney Bender

Althea Freeman-Miller
looks to plants to describe her journey as an artist. A morning glory represents her childhood on the Vineyard, a black-eyed Susan the person she was in college, and a tree her future.

Metaphor extends to her family, too, but it isn’t confined to botany. An iris and an anchor symbolize her mother, and a bird with a heart as a body captures her father. Her inner purpose is a beaming candle.

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Richard Lee Art Retrospective Recaptures His Magical Spirit
Sara Brown

In rooms filled with his colorful, fantastical artwork, friends and admirers gathered Sunday to tell stories about Richard Lee. It was a fitting tribute for the kind of artist who found canvases everywhere — from panes of glass to the trees in his yard — and the kind of person who had a story for everyone, who found hidden beauty that others overlooked.

A dancer, a mystic, an artist who painted fish swimming through the sky, anything was possible in Richard Lee’s world.

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Richard Lee Exhibit Opens at Featherstone

Last year, on June 22, the artist Richard Lee died at the age of 79. Mr. Lee was beloved as an artist and as a friend. On Sunday, Sept. 15, from 4 to 6 p.m. there will be a retrospective of his work held at Featherstone Center for the Arts. The exhibit is guest curated by Claudia Cannerdy and Hudson Lee.

Richard Lee was born in 1933 on a farm in Pullman, Wash. He moved east for college and first entered the world of the arts through dance.

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Museum Highlights the Art in Martha

Martha’s Vineyard Museum points out that you can’t spell Martha’s Vineyard without ART as they sponsor the annual fall art extravaganza featuring Vineyard artists such as Tony Holand, Meg Mercier, Kara Taylor, David Wallis, Wendy Weldon, Allen Whiting and more. The art party takes place at a private Edgartown home and offers an opportunity to view some Vineyard treasures and gain insight from the artists as they discuss their work.

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Fashion Sense on the Canvas, Artist Portrays Life in Color
Katie Ruppel

Glenn Tunstull treats an art exhibition like a fashion show.

Whereas fabrics and patterns decorate a model, swatches and brush strokes dress his canvas.

“Each painting represents where I am today,” Mr. Tunstull said.

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