Whatever the Outcome is both an end result and a process. It’s the art of creation as much as the finished product. Craig Minor is listed as the chief instigator of this movement on the Island, which began a few years back with artist Traeger di Pietro creating a painting and then cutting it up into small pieces and handing them out to the general public. At a later date the pieces, well most of them, were brought back together and a new painting was created, sort of a collage version of the original intent.

It is now time for the result of Whatever the Outcome #4, with artist Dave Miller in the driver’s seat. On Tuesday, Jan. 27, beginning at 8 p.m., the results of eight months of planning and waiting will unfold at the Ritz in Oak Bluffs. The event is called Sinners and Saints and will include two DJ sets from Heaven and Hell. Tickets are $15, or $30 if you want a piece of the art, too.

Visit whatevertheoutcome.com.