Tisbury Issues Swimming Advisory for Owen Little Beach
The town board of health advised Thursday that people wait 24 hours after heavy rain to swim at Owen Little Beach, due to bacterial increases.
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Endangered Tiger Beetles Bouncing Back on Vineyard Beaches
With people and vehicles digging into the sand all along the east coast, wild beaches are few and far between. But on the Vineyard, the rare and endangered northeastern beach tiger beetle, a key signifier of uncorrupted beaches, has regained its footing.
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State Takes Leland Beach Area In Bold Eminent Domain Move

The state department of Fishers, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement announced yesterday that it has taken ownership of the Leland beach - 100 acres of virtually unspoiled barrier beach stretching from Wasque to the Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick.

Purchase price is just under $1 million; the beach, which has been owned by the family of the late Oliver and Edmund Leland since 1907, was purchased through land-taking measures under the state’s eminent domain laws.

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Beach Clean-Up Saturday
Celebrate Earth Day early by lending a hand with the Vineyard Conservation Society’s 29th annual beach clean-up event.
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Beach Clean-Up Planned
The Vineyard Conservation Society holds its annual Island-wide beach clean-up April 17.
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Chilmark Bumps Up Beach Sticker Prices
Beach sticker prices in Chilmark are going up this summer, after selectmen voted Tuesday to raise walk-on and parking pass prices across the board.
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As Winter Storms Accelerate, So Does Coastal Erosion
Erosion on the Island’s coastline — a process as old and familiar as the Island itself — has accelerated to a point of critical concern this winter, battering South Beach, flattening dunes in Katama, flooding key intersections and roadways and crumbling cliffs at Lucy Vincent and Squibnocket.
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Big Weekend Equals Big Beach Days, and Officials Are Worried
High summer is here, and thousands are flocking to Island beaches. But the crowds have many Vineyard officials on edge.
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Back in the Sand at North Bluff Beach
Maia Coleman
For years, the North Bluff beach in Oak Bluffs has been slowly disappearing. Now all that has changed.
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Summer Rules for Beaches Down-Island Still Unsettled
Noah Asimow
As summer approaches, one of the big questions surrounding the Island also happens to surround it literally — the beaches.
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