Christmas 2013

A full moon hung in the December sky this week, casting long shards of light across the darkened landscape of oncoming winter. Hours before sunrise, pale moonbeams shone through the glass panes of a west-facing kitchen door, a silent accompaniment to the small task of grinding fresh coffee. It is called the cold moon this month, and fittingly the Island has been wrapped in bitter cold, its landscape covered with a paper-thin crust of snow.

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A Pause Before Christmas Enables Spirit to Flourish
Rev. Cathlin Baker
When we embark on our Advent pilgrimage we are heading toward Christmas, a familiar destination. But the patterns and traditions of Christmases past may tug us too quickly to that day. The West Tisbury Congregational Church minister reflects.
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Gifts for All, Good Tidings for Island
Phyllis Meras
In the annual Gazette Christmas poem Santa finds something in his sack for almost everyone.
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Christmas Eve Pageant at Agricultural Hall
The West Tisbury Congregational Church moves over to the Agricultural Hall once again for a 5 p.m. Christmas Eve service.
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In Step With Edgartown’s Holiday Wonderland
Bill Eville
It is approximately 471 strides, done at a leisurely saunter, from the steps of the Harbor View Hotel to the steps of the Edgartown Lighthouse. While this may seem like useless trivia, it is actually a Christmas in Edgartown public service announcement.
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Lights, Trees, Garland, Action! Decorating Committee Gets Busy
Sara Brown
An Islandwide attraction, the yearly Christmas display in Edgartown seems to appear overnight, but there’s a method to the magic. Instead of elves, the town has the Christmas Decorations Committee.
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Gazette Holiday Open House
The Vineyard Gazette will hold an informal open house on Friday, Dec. 13 from noon to 3 p.m. at its office at 34 South Summer street in Edgartown.
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Oak Bluffs Puts Ho-Ho in Holiday
Thanksgiving is but a poor tired drumstick now as we look ahead to the holiday season. Whether you lean toward the pew or the jolly old elf, a time to reflect or a time to give gifts, the Christmas tree or the menorah, the month of December is a flat out celebration.
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Community Chorus Performs Holiday Concerts
They are teachers, plumbers, bankers, artists, fishermen, scallopers, shopkeepers, retirees and twenty-somethings. And while all of these roles are important, this weekend the key characteristic that binds this seemingly disparate group is that they sing.
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Raising Green with Greens
It’s all green this weekend as the West Tisbury School hosts a fundraiser at the Middletown Nursery on State Road in West Tisbury.
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