Selectmen Relax Rules to Allow Some Summer Construction Downtown
Sara Brown

In light of several renovation projects around the downtown area, the Oak Bluffs selectmen Monday reconsidered a longstanding town policy to prohibit downtown construction work from June 1 to Sept. 15.

At a special meeting, the selectmen adopted clarifying regulations to allow construction work inside buildings during the summer with several conditions, including no work on weekends and nights.

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Building Codes Changes Cause Construction Costs to Increase
Jack Shea

New home construction costs on the Island could increase more than 10 per cent as a result of new state building codes requiring one and two-story buildings to withstand winds of 110 miles per hour beginning Jan. 1.

For some prospective home owners and builders, the changes have already blown away their plans.

Tisbury building inspector Kenneth Barwick said he already has heard from home builders on a budget.

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Din at the Inn: Construction Chaos Resounds in Edgartown
Peter Brannen

At the Lightkeepers Inn on Simpson’s Lane in Edgartown, it was a long summer for light-sleeping inn-seekers.

Construction across the lane at the site of the former Shiretown Inn has provided its share of metaphorical and actual headaches to Heidi Raihofer and her guests at the Lightkeepers Inn over the past several months, and the time has come, she says, for a rational noise ordinance in Edgartown to address the matter.

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