Goodbye Flatbread, Hello Tin Hangar; New Owners Are Familiar Faces
Heather Hamacek
With the sale of Flatbread, a musical era at the building that once housed The Hot Tin Roof comes to a close. New owner Brion McGroarty will open a restaurant named Tin Hangar.
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Still on the Market, Flatbread Plans to Reopen for Summer Season
Ivy Ashe

After a brief period of uncertainty, Flatbread will again open for the upcoming season, though the restaurant is still on the market.

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Flatbread Will Shutter Its Vineyard Operation
Julia Wells

Flatbread, the popular wood-fired pizza franchise near the Martha’s Vineyard Airport that has hosted fundraisers, family dance parties and concerts, will not reopen this summer, owner Jay Gould has confirmed.

“The season is too short for us. We do very well in July and August, but it’s not enough,” Mr. Gould told the Gazette in an email early Tuesday.

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Pizza Sales Benefit ACE MV
Partner your pizza with education on Tuesday, July 22, as a portion of proceeds from Flatbread Pizza sales benefit the Island’s adult education program, ACE MV.
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Dance Like a Kid Again
Get your happy feet on as the Family Dance-O-Rama kicks off on Monday, July 7, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Flatbread on Airport Road in Edgartown.
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New Oven Brings Positive Change, Any Way You Slice It
Katie Ruppel
An oven building team for the Flatbread Company put finishing touches on a new clay dome inside the Edgartown restaurant. The eatery specializing in all natural wood-fired clay oven pizza is set to open for the 2014 season May 15.
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Ovens Up at Flatbread, Help Spread the Clay

What to do when the mouth is a bit too big and the burn not as efficient as it should be? Bring 1000 pounds of clay down from Vermont, plus the original oven maker himself, and start again from scratch. That’s what Flatbread pizza is planning to do this Friday when they begin rebuilding their clay oven, and they are going to need a lot of help. That much clay doesn’t mix itself.

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Pies and Vibes, Flatbread Music Is Fine-Tuned Extra Topping
Olivia Hull

Six years ago when Flatbread Company founder Jay Gould called Tina Miller to ask if he should open a restaurant at the former home of The Hot Tin Roof, she advised him against it. She didn’t think there was enough of a market for casual family dining at the airport location.

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Stars + Stripes Rocks Flatbread in Benefit for YMCA
Nicholas Bradley
The stage was filled nearly to capacity with musicians, fans and their instruments. The crowd was raucous. The lights were bright. As a special birthday treat to Derek Davies, one of the organizers of the Stars & Stripes Festival, the band St. Lucia was going to play their hit single September with the help of Haerts and a full entourage of Derek’s friends. St. Lucia’s frontman Jean-Philip Grobler pressed keys and twisted knobs on his synthesizer, cueing up September’s opening chords.
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Flatbread Liquor License Renewed
Sara Brown

Edgartown selectmen Monday renewed Flatbread Company’s alcohol license after voicing concerns about the restaurant’s hours.

Town administrator Pamela Dolby said that last summer the pizza restaurant by the airport kept “sporadic hours” and closed for the season before its announced Sept. 30 closing date.

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