What to do when the mouth is a bit too big and the burn not as efficient as it should be? Bring 1,000 pounds of clay down from Vermont, plus a master oven maker, and start again from scratch. That’s what Flatbread pizza is planning to do this Friday when they begin rebuilding their clay oven, and they are going to need a lot of help. That much clay doesn’t mix itself.

Flatbread insiders call it a Clay Day whenever a new oven is born. Most everyone else calls it lots of fun. The experts have already formed a new mouth of the oven, that’s the tricky part. But on Friday, March 7, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Flatbread Restaurant everyone else can help mix the clay, sand and straw and then spread it around the exterior of the oven.

A new oven takes two months to cure before any cooking can start. That’s the reason for this early March Clay Day. Flatbread opening day is May 15. Help make it a grand one.