Good News at Off-Island Pumps Doesn't Translate to Vineyard Gas

The average gas price nationwide has declined steadily for almost 50 days — the longest decline since 2008 — and has reached its lowest point since 2010. But Island gas prices are still among the highest in the state.

Hard Truth at the Pump: Vineyard's Gas Prices Among Highest in U.S.

As a black pickup truck rumbled away from the Depot Corner gas station in Edgartown with a pair of lawn mowers stowed in its bed, the screen at the pump displayed the hard truth: $191.64 for just over 41 gallons of regular gasoline. And this isn’t an exceptional case. Infamous in years past for its high prices, the Vineyard is a place where drivers should expect to see their wallets lightened by some of the nation’s most expensive gasoline this summer.

Mopeds Off-Season: They're Useful, Cheap - but on Chilly Side

Manuel Suza just ordered a fill-up at deBettencourt's gas station in Oak Bluffs and only had to shell out $1.66. No wonder he was still smiling.

His rig barely uses any fuel, but it comes with a price. It's a moped, and he's riding the thing in 35 degree weather. That explains the thickly-insulated coveralls and ski gloves.

Mr. Suza is one of a handful of hearty Islanders who rely on a vehicle that would hardly win a popularity contest on the Vineyard.

As Nation's Gas Price Goes Up, Vineyard Drivers Feel It, Too

That's the cost of doing business for landscaper James Hayes now that gas prices have soared beyond $2.50 a gallon. Every five days, he swallows the steep price to keep his GMC 4X4 truck on the road. He charges it and reminds himself that as a small businessman, he can write it off at the end of the year.

Aquinnah Selectmen Will Seek Bylaw to Regulate Energy Use

Aquinnah Selectmen Will Seek Bylaw to Regulate Energy Use


With the energy demands of large homes a growing concern across the Island, Aquinnah selectmen this week unanimously endorsed a regulation that would require new homes over a certain size to include renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

"This is an important measure," selectman James Newman said at the regular board meeting on Tuesday, after proposing the energy requirement. "And I think that this community should be a leader on the issue."

As U.S. Gas Prices Soar, Islanders Go to the Pump and Still Pay Much More

With gasoline prices at an all-time high across the country, the Vineyard stands in the top ranks for prices paid at the pump, as the cost of premium gas climbed above the four dollar mark at most Island stations this week and regular trailed not far behind.

Confronting the Pump

Confronting the Pump

On Thursday, the Vineyard Transit Authority will mark nationwide Dump the Pump Day — an annual occasion that calls on people to use public transportation to save money, conserve gasoline and reduce greenhouse gases — by cutting its already bargain fares in half and holding a party at the youth hostel in West Tisbury.

Islanders Choose to Take the Bus

With gas prices on the Vineyard hovering above $4.50 a gallon for regular and almost $5 a gallon for premium — some of the highest fuel costs in the nation — more Islanders are leaving their cars at home and taking the Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority busses.

Gasoline Prices Skyrocket to Record High on Island

On an Island already known for its high cost of living, the Vineyard now claims the dubious distinction of having the highest gasoline prices in the state and among the highest in the nation. Prices for regular gas eclipsed the $4 a gallon mark at most Island service stations this week, while premium prices climbed as high as $4.39 a gallon.

Deadline Delayed for Leases on Wind Farms Off Vineyard

Wind, tides and sun are intense subjects for discussion on the Island these days and it’s not all talk about the weather. Alternative energy projects are under way on so many fronts, both private and public, that it is sometimes hard to keep track of them all. But the Vineyard is moving ahead on three projects independently to generate electricity for its own needs, beginning with wind farms.