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Cost of Gas is Legally High

Sky-high gasoline prices on Martha’s Vineyard — a universal truth here and an unending point of annoyance among Islanders of every stripe who pay dearly at the pump — are not the result of price-fixing, the United States Court of Appeals has found.

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Station Owners Say Gas Buying Shift Hurts

A decision by West Tisbury to buy discounted gasoline from the Vineyard Transit Authority for town vehicles has upset the owners of Up-Island Automotive, who told the town selectmen this week the move has both hurt their business and wounded their pride as longtime business owners in the heart of the village.

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Gasoline prices
High Price of Gas? Islanders Are Used To It.

As the price of gasoline climbs across the country, putting economists and travel analysts on watch for the coming summer season, Vineyard gas prices that famously top the charts suddenly have good company.

Will gas prices reach $5 a gallon, the national experts ask? On the Island they are almost there.

The American Automobile Association (AAA), which tracks gasoline prices around the country, reported yesterday the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $3.73. Mid-grade fuel was $3.88 and premium gas was $4.01 a gallon.

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