Aquinnah Wants Gay Head Light Lens to Come Home

A plan by the Martha’s Vineyard Museum to relocate from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven has caused rumblings on the other side of the Island, where a number of people are now calling for the original 19th-century lens that sat atop the Gay Head Light in Aquinnah to return home.

A Trip To Gay Head: The Light

The tower on which the light stands, which seemed at a distance to be white, is in reality red, being made of pressed brick, and capped with freestone; it is forty feet high, and surmounted by an iron frame in which is set the glass of the outer lantern; through the centre passes a large circular iron shaft, on the top of which stands the cylinder containing the oil, and around which revolves the lantern itself.
The ascent is made by three sets of iron stairs, each resting on a floor of solid stone nearly a foot thick; on the first of these floors rests a long wooden

Museum Receives Grant for Fresnel Lens Relocation

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum has received a $109,040 grant to move the historic 1854 Gay Head Lighthouse Fresnel lens from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven.

Cost Estimate to Restore Gay Head Light Soars

The company that moved the Gay Head Light last year has outlined a major two-phase restoration project for the historic lighthouse, at a cost of about $1.3 million — more than triple the amount budgeted.

New Light at Gay Head

Notice to Mariners. - The new light at Gay Head will be exhibited at sunset on December 1st, 1856, and will be kept burning during every night thereafter from sunset to sunrise. The focal plane of the light is 43 feet above the ground and 170 feet above the level of the sea. The tower is of brick, colored brown, and stands about 12 feet from the centre of the rear of the dwelling houses, with which it is connected. The lantern is painted black. The dwelling houses are brick color.

On National Lighthouse Day, Celebrating Rescued Island Landmark

Almost a year to the day after the Gay Head Light resumed its watch over Vineyard Sound and the waters south of Aquinnah, memories of its historic move are still fresh on the Island.

Gay Head Light Exhibit, Documentary

Celebrate National Lighthouse Day in Aquinnah with the launch of Keepers of the Light, a new exhibit at the Manning Building by the Gay Head Light.

Nova Airs Documentary Film About Gay Head Light Move

Next week the PBS science series Nova will air Operation Lighthouse Rescue, a film documenting the effort to relocate the Gay Head Light.

International Chimney to Lead Gay Head Light Restoration

The Buffalo, N.Y., company that engineered the relocation of the Gay Head Light last spring will play a central role in restoring the brick tower in the coming years.

For Gay Head Light, New Location Brings New Responsibilities

The Aquinnah selectmen continued charting a future course for the Gay Head Light, discussing a possible revision of the lightkeeper’s job description.