Vineyard Churches to Double as Homeless Shelters This Winter

Beginning in January, seven nights a week, three churches will provide shelter and meals to men, women and families who need a place to get in out of the cold.

Lots of Houses, Nobody Home; Rural Scholars Report on Homeless Study

Once again, the rural scholars program visited the Vineyard to study a pressing Island issue. This year's topic was homelessness and the housing shortage.

Confronting Homelessness, Island Churches Plan to Open Their Doors

A conversation Thursday about homelessness on Martha’s Vineyard shed light on the gravity of the Island’s housing shortage, and introduced a new initiative by Island churches set to begin next winter to provide emergency housing for those without a home.

Homeless Count Documents Islanders in Need of Shelter

Last Wednesday night, when the temperature dropped to 22 degrees on Martha’s Vineyard, more than a dozen people were homeless. A team of volunteers canvassed the Island as part of the annual point-in-time homeless count.

Island Tries to Assess Homeless Numbers

It’s common on the Vineyard to hear of someone couch surfing for a few weeks or struggling through a long transition between rentals, but the exact number of people without homes on the Vineyard remains elusive.

Finding the Best in People By Not Looking Away

Last Saturday at the Vineyard Haven library, Alan Burt talked about working with the homeless population of Cape Cod for the past 20 years. On Dec. 13, he will spend the night sleeping outdoors with other advocates, in solidarity with the homeless, something he’s done for many years.

Formal Tally Lacking for Homelessness

Last year, the homeless count in Dukes County found 119 homeless people, the highest in recent memory. But this year the annual measurement of the homeless population on a single night in January came and went with no count recorded.

Homeless On the Vineyard

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy winter at arm’s length. As reported in the last edition of the Gazette, there are approximately one hundred and sixty homeless people on the Vineyard.

As Homeless Numbers Rise, Services and Funding Scarce

They are the Island's most vulnerable but invisible population. And with an inadequate safety net for the homeless, members of the clergy and county administration are calling for an Islandwide response.

Homelessness Looms in Cold

Like most Vineyarders, Connie Teixeira had not given much thought to the specter of homelessness on the Island. Then, this year, she found herself looking the reality of it in the face, day after day at the Tisbury Senior Center.

“We have a gentleman who comes and spends most of the day at the senior center, he has lunch in the senior program, and then he goes to the library until it closes, and from there he goes to wherever he can find a place to sleep, and stays there until they find out he’s there and they put him out,” she said.