Officials Brace for Increased Boat Traffic on Menemsha Pond

As Menemsha Channel is dredged for first time in decades, Chilmark and Aquinnah officials are protecting Menemsha Pond from increased boat traffic.

Chilmark Launches Pond Initiative: a Million Oysters a Year

With a goal of cultivating one million oysters a year, Chilmark officials are expanding available aquaculture grants for Menemsha Pond.

Aquinnah, Chilmark Work to Reset Town Boundaries

Aquinnah and Chilmark selectmen are taking steps to reestablish the town line that runs through Menemsha Pond. Ice floes this winter wiped out four pilings in the pond, including two that marked the town line.

Jetty Rebuilding at Menemsha Set to Begin

A project to rebuild the two jetties at Menemsha harbor is expected to begin in the next two weeks, while a more controversial project to dredge the channel to Menemsha Pond has been delayed until next fall.

Lack of Adult Scallops Closes Aquinnah Season; Cause Unknown

Following the early closure of the scalloping season in Aquinnah, town officials and shellfish biologists are trying to understand the unexpected decline in the number of adult scallops this year. The season closed Nov. 15 in response to a lack of adult scallops; a black algae was also observed growing on many of the scallop shells.

New Oyster Farms, Returning Food Truck in Chilmark

Four new oyster farms could be coming soon to Menemsha Pond, which already hosts six aquaculture ventures.

Health of Menemsha Pond at Stake

The following letter was sent to the Army Corps of Engineers; the author is chairman of the Chilmark selectmen.

Dredging Menemsha Channel Poses Risks to Pond

This is to express my concern about the proposed project of the Army Corps of Engineers to re-dredge the existing channel.

Selectmen Pull Plug on Menemsha Channel Dredging Project

Funded by the Army Corps of Engineers, the project was intended to improve navigation in the channel. But Chilmark leaders said it will invite large yachts into the pond, putting shellfish at risk.

Dredging Plan for Menemsha Channel Sees Mixed Reaction

A meeting called to discuss long-range management for the Menemsha Pond system took a surprise turn when a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers appeared to take an early measure of public opinion on a new plan to dredge the Menemsha channel.